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      Includes Hospital Confinement Indemnity, Secure Advantage and Cancer Plans
            Combo Application  (593 kb)
            Hospital Confinement Indemnity Brochure   (2281 kb)
            Hospital Confinement Plan Benefits with Rates  (126 kb)
            Hospital Confinement Plan Outline  (90 kb)
            Cancer Plus Brochure  (3235 kb)
            Cancer Plus Plan Benefits with Rates  (215 kb)
            Cancer Plus Plan Outline  (184 kb)
            Cancer Shield 2.0 Application  (673 kb)
            Cancer Shield 2.0 Brochure  (459 kb)
            Cancer Shield 2.0 Notice to Medicare Recipients  (54 kb)
            Cancer Shield 2.0 Outline of Coverage  (282 kb)
            Cancer Shield 2.0 Rates  (93 kb)
            Secure Advantage Brochure  (2584 kb)
            Secure Advantage Plan Benefits with Rates  (151 kb)
            Secure Advantage Outline  (169 kb)
            Accident Plan Application  (661 kb)
            Accident Indemnity Plan Brochure  (2428 kb)
            Accident Indemnity Rates 2019  (67 kb)
            Accident Outline  (65 kb)
            Short Term HHC Application  (211 kb)
            Short Term HHC Outline of Coverage  (356 kb)
            Short Term HHC Brochure  (2212 kb)
            Short Term HHC Rates  (265 kb)
            Short Term HHC Underwriting  (192 kb)
            Short Term HHC Dental and Vision Rider Outline of Coverage  (112 kb)
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